We are here to support your efforts in centering wellness in your schools, classrooms, and communities.
Approach & Strategy

We provide consulting services across the United States to teachers, schools, and districts who work with students of all education levels. We utilize a nation-wide network made of esteemed experts and professionals so that you and your team can be successful in engaging community responsiveness.

 We start with a complimentary one-hour conference call to learn about your goals and journey thus far in becoming educational agents of change. This information allows us to prepare several strategies to work with your time and budgetary allowances. We match our resources to your specific needs.

General Offerings
  • Community Responsive Teacher Development

  • Ethnic Studies Teacher and Curriculum Development

  • Equity Audits and Systems Change Strategic Planning and Coaching

  • Trauma Informed Systems to Healing Centered Spaces

  • Youth Wellness “Edumetric” and Development



Educators and leaders alike will gain the knowledge and skills toward becoming culturally and community responsive.


Strategic Planning


Strategic planning for school & district coaching. We offer 90-minute, partial, full day support and training.


Leadership & Teacher Development


Coaching and consulting will be offered to support your needs.